Jewish Life

Jewish Identity

Nourishing the Jewish identity of our campers is a hallmark of the Ramah experience. You child will grow up in a nurturing and immersive Jewish environment, with Hebrew in the air, Jewish role-models at every turn, surrounded by jewish-lifepositive Jewish experiences. Study after study shows that a Ramah experience greatly strengthens your child’s Jewish identity, creating a life-long connection between your child and their Jewish tradition.


Ramah seeks to sow the seeds of spirituality in all of our campers and staff. The Ramah approach consists of daily t’fillah (Prayer) experiences, where our campers not only learn the prayers of our Jewish tradition, but they do so in an environment which fosters creativity, a love of music, ruach (spirit), and fun!

Shabbat and Havdallah at Ramah

Even though we are a day camp, and therefore we do not celebrate Shabbat as a camp on Friday night or Saturday, Shabbat is nonetheless a hallmark of the Ramah Day Camp experience. Every Friday afternoon we have a special musical Shabbat celebration as an entire camp as our families prepare to welcome Shabbat later that day. Likewise, every Monday morning we begin our services with the recitation of Havdallah,  the traditional prayer for separating between Shabbat and the regular week. This Havdallah celebration allows us to fully embrace every exciting week at Ramah Day Camp.