Special Programs

Each summer, our camp calendar is full of many exciting special events and activities.  Some are annual highlights and some vary each summer. Parents are invited to many of our special programs.

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Yom USA (USA Day)

Yom USA is a red, white and blue filled pre-July 4th celebration that includes a camp wide barbeque and a fun-filled day of patriotic themed activities.

Yom Yisrael (Israel Day)

Yom Yisrael is a much anticipated day at Ramah Day Camp.  After receiving their passports and boarding their flight, campers are transported to the land of Israel for a unique day of cultural, geographic and historic exploration, special attractions, and magical moments.

Maccabiah (Sports Days)

Another highlight event!  Healthy competition, sportsmanship, team work, ruach (spirit), trivia and silly games create days of non-stop excitement and fun.  Our camp-wide Apache relay followed by team presentations and cheers brings Maccabiah to a close.

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Trips and Undernights/Overnights

Each session, campers enjoy and look forward to our camp trips.  Exciting destinations include  the zoo, water parks, nature/environmental centers, and camping experiences.  Our younger campers (PPK -1st graders) have an extended day of special programming including dinner. Our older campers (2nd-7th graders) enjoy evening programming and an overnight.  Our oldest campers use acquired outdoor adventure skills to participate in an overnight camping experience in the Pocono Mountains.

Performing Arts Festival

Whether singing, dancing or acting, our performing arts elective campers perform on stage during the Festival. Parents are invited to attend the show, which is custom written for the Ramah Day Camp.

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