Sha’ar Philadelphia: A Hebrew Immersion Program


Boker Tov Machaneh Ramah Yomi! (Good morning Ramah Day Camp!) For decades, chanichim (campers) have been greeted with this iconic phrase each at d’galim – our flag raising morning ritual. Ramah Day Camp has a proud history of interweaving Hebrew language into the day’s activities through the use of activity names, songs, and stories.

We are excited to announce that we aim to elevate Hebrew learning to an unprecedented level through Sha’ar Philadelphia, a unique Hebrew immersion program.sha'ar

Sha’ar Philadelphia is a Hebrew language immersion program at Ramah Day Camp. All aspects of the camp day are conducted in Hebrew, giving the children an opportunity to gain proficiency as they participate in the full Ramah Day Camp schedule of activities–swim, sports, arts and crafts, and more. Campers learn to understand and speak Hebrew naturally, by listening to and speaking with their counselors and peers.

Sha’ar is  embedded in our Shorashim (current pre-K) edah (age division), Cochavim (current Kindergarten) edah (age division),   Nitzanim (current first grade) edah (age division) and Alonim (current second grade) edah (age division).


Your child must first be registered for the first six-weeks of camp or full summer in Shorashim (current pre-k),  Cochavim  (current kindergarten), Nitzanim (current 1st grade) or Alonim (current second grade) to be eligible to participate in Sha’ar: Philadelphia. If you are interested, please be in touch with Elana, at

Sha’ar Philadelphia has its own Rosh Edah (division head), a higher staff/child ratio and specialized training for the Sha’ar staff in order to ensure the most effective program. Therefore, there is an additional fee of $250 for participating in Sha’ar Philadelphia. *Please note, if you are applying for financial aid, this additional fee will be factored into your tuition and your award.

Space will be limited to one group of chanichim (campers) per edah (age division), who will be accepted after a conversation with either Gili Bitan, Director of Sha’ar or Elana Rivel, Director of the Ramah Day Camp.

Sha’ar Philadelphia is part of the National Ramah Sha’ar Hebrew program. It is made possible with guidance from the Areivim Philanthropic Group and The Foundation for Jewish Camp.

For Sha’ar FAQs, please click here.

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