Why Choose Ramah Day Camp?

Choose Ramah because of its QUALITY PROGRAMMING – Designed and led by experienced professionals, our camp programs are developmentally targeted, focused on skill development, and incorporate Jewish values and learningwhy-choose-rdc in fun, creative ways. Our wide range of activities, trips, and special events provide many new experiences and challenges, as well as opportunities to engage more intensively in electives and specialty tracks. – delivered by EXCELLENT STAFF – Camp is led by experienced professionals, including educators and specialty staff who excel in their fields. Our team includes enthusiastic, dedicated young adults who are wonderful Jewish role models. They bring their creativity, talents, experience with children, and passion for Jewish camping to create the best summer for your children. Intensive staff training and mentoring are provided throughout the summer. – designed to foster EACH CHILD’S GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT – We are committed to the well-being, safety, and development of each camper. Campers are encouraged to welcome new challenges and acquire new skills, enhancing their sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. Camp is the ideal place to have fun, make friends, be part of a group, and develop leadership skills. Our staff actively facilitates the social connections that make Ramah Day Camp a special place in which individual campers thrive and create memories that last a lifetime. – all in a WARM, CARING, JEWISH COMMUNITY – Ramah Day Camp is a unique community that embodies Jewish values and respect, where Jewish living and learning are seamlessly integrated into the daily camp experience. The meaningful friendships and connections that develop among campers, among staff, and between campers and staff help create the strong sense of belonging and community that characterize the Ramah experience.