Bringing Gan (Garden) Ramah Home

Do your chanichim (campers) love Teva (Nature) at camp? Do they share stories of the flowers they smell, the insects they find, the herbs they taste, or the produce they pick? Have you ever wanted to capture that excitement and bring it home with you? Have you seen our garden, or admired a colorful wildflower garden and wished that yours could be similarly bright? Would you like to support the birds and pollinators in and around your neighborhood? Would you like to watch birds and beautiful insects such as butterflies up close? If so, then Ramah Day Camp can help you do this – and easily!

Introducing Bringing Gan (Garden) Ramah Home. By using the Ramah Community Garden as a teaching space, we can help you bring home the environmental experiences and values that are part of the Ramah Day Camp program, and reach your goal of garden development in a family-friendly way!

WHO: Any Ramah family!

WHAT: Led by Corri Gottesman, Rosh Teva (head of our nature program), Ramah staff will provide you with the knowledge, resources, and tools to create a home garden. Through a series of five (5) on-campus workshops, cycling through the Jewish calendar year and through a Jewish environmental lens, you will learn about the life cycle of a garden and how to plan, prepare, plant, and maintain a garden bed.

Through a grant from the Jewish Teen Giving Project, Ramah will cover the cost of the necessary resources and materials for creating your own beautiful home garden up to 200 square feet! Through between-session consultation, our Ramah staff will be able to assess what supports you need to address and what challenges you may be facing in implementation.

WHERE: Workshops will be held at Ramah Day Camp in Elkins Park.


    • 9/15/2019 – Rosh HaShana: Setting the Stage of the New Year with the Garden: The Basics of Garden Design
    • 10/27/2019 – Sukkot, Harvest & Your Garden: Preparing for a Spring Growing
    • 2/9/2020 – Celebrating Tu Bishvat, the Holiday of the Earth
    • 5/3/2020 – The Omer: Looking Towards Our Harvest: Planting, Maintenance, and What to Look for in Your Garden as it Grows
    • 6/7/2020 – Shehecheyanu: Our Gardens, Our Blessings

Workshops are designed to be family-friendly!

WHY: This unique program fulfills the important mitzvah (commandment) of supporting animals – in this case, pollinators and birds. Building, curating, and caring for your own wildflower bed can provide a sense of purpose and teach responsibility, creativity, and independence to children of all ages. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the role that caring for the environment plays in Judaism. And of course, flowers bring more beauty and joy into the world!

HOW: If you are interested in this project and have a plot of land of any shape between 30 and 200 square feet, register by clicking here by Tuesday, September 3rd. For questions, email Corri at

This project has been made possible by a generous grant from Jewish Teen Giving Project, through the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia.

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