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Posted by on July 12, 2013

As Shabbat approaches it is nice to think about everything we have done this week and what is coming up. The trips were a great success and next week we have the postponed overnights. All the details have been sent in previous emails and we will send out another reminder next week.

Don’t forget to ask you campers in Cochavim, Nitzanim, Alonim, Solelim and Arazim about their choices that they have. A full explanation of chugim, track and electives went home with the daily schedule and it is great to see some of the more specialized activities that go on in those periods. We’ve seen amazing art projects, origami, baseball skills, fashion shows, song leading, harmonica, guitar, youtube video creation (not yet complete), “the Ultimate Smoothie”, woodworking, Krazy Karaoke, rap, juggling and many many others. Solelim and Arazim had a great Talent Show too!

This is my 14th year at RDC and I have to say that we have the busiest program ever with more activities and choices than I have ever seen! Coming soon…intense soccer….get ready. As a Brit, maybe I’ll teach the Americans how to play tennis too – it seems that we’ve taken the lead there!!



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