Mark’s Blog – Tuesday 7/16/13

Posted by on July 16, 2013

To start with, some news…

We have an elite sports program at Ramah but luckily we aren’t bedeviled with some of the scandals that the rest of the sporting world is often entangled. I just heard that as athletes arrive at Ben Gurion airport before the start of the Maccabiah in Israel tomorrow, a new scandal threatens to cloud the sporting world in more fresh controversy. Allegations are emerging that members of Team Great Britain, as yet unidentified, have been consuming performance-enhancing latkes in preparations for the competition. In addition Team USA refused to comment on their use of  bubba’s “special recipe” kneidlach – the International Olympic Committee is yet to rule on their legality, but one spokesman commented that they are “a grey area” and will probably be banned before the next Olympics…

Today is Tisha B’Av and there has been a mix of learning and reflection on the day along with fun and regular camp. Solelim and Arazim completed some beautiful Jerusalem pictures that became part of a bigger artistic work and Echah (Lamentations) was read at tefillah this morning.

Get your date nights ready! Solelim, Arazim and Etgar are excited about their camping trip which starts tomorrow and Alonim will be going to Montage Meltdown on Thursday and then sleep at camp.

The heat at camp is tough work but it’s certainly better than rain or storms. We are keeping the water flowing, maximizing pool time and taking plenty of breaks – we finish the day exhausted and mamtak (ice cream snack) is always welcome at the end of the day!



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