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Posted by on July 24, 2013

Sorry about the blog going AWOL for a couple of days. The royal baby got me over-excited and in a bit of a tizzy!! I’m betting he will be called Moshe or Yossi.

Don’t forget to send Sheryl an email about the soccer opportunity next week with UKElite.

Camp is gearing up for Rick Recht on Thursday. I’m old enough to remember Rick playing to RDC in 1999 – I believe it was his first year. We’ve grown so much since then…Every camper will be on stage and we can’t wait to see you  then.

Auditions have started for the play “Ramah – Back to the Future” (name may change due to copyright infringement!) in the last week of camp, Wednesday August 14. – chanichim at Taste will be able to audition at the beginning of next week.

See you on Thursday evening,



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