Programs & Activities

At Ramah Day Camp, all programs and activities are designed to teach skills, boost self- confidence, and be lots of fun!  Our programs are developmentally tailored to provide exciting, enriching experiences across the age range of our campers.


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Our sports program offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional sports and physical activities, designed to promote skill development, team work, sportsmanship, safety, fitness, and fun.  We strive to ensure that all campers feel included and challenged.  For sports enthusiasts, we offer more intensive involvement in sports through our elective (chugim) and track programs.

Sports include:

Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Flag Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Gaga, Track and Field, Tennis, Archery, Frisbee  Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Spongy Polo, and more!


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Swimming is one of the highlights of our camp day.  Campers enjoy both instructional and recreational swim daily in our two pools, including an Olympic sized pool with a diving well.  Our Red Cross certified instructors and lifeguards provide daily, small group instruction.   We create a warm and nurturing environment that will allow your children to become comfortable, safe, and skilled in the water. Learning at their own pace, campers gain confidence, learn new skills, refine and strengthen their strokes, and advance to deep water instruction.

Visual Arts

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Through a multimedia based program, campers are encouraged to express themselves artistically, experiment with new techniques and media and stretch their creative talents. Creating a sculpture from recycled objects, building a bird house, creating a maze, making leaf prints, are just a sample of the wonderful projects created in our art program.

Activities  include:

Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Paper Making, Decoupage, Jewelry Making, Batiking, Print making, 3D sculptures, and much more!

Nature and Outdoor Adventure

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Ramah Day Camp promotes environmental consciousness and appreciation for nature through a variety of programs, both in and out of camp.  Campers learn about composting, recycling, gardening, and taking care of animals. Our campers plant, water, weed, and harvest hundreds of pounds of produce to donate to our local food pantry.  Our outdoor adventure program includes hiking, orienteering, camping, scouting, and challenging ourselves on our ropes-team building course.

Performing Arts

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Ramah Day Camp embraces the creative spirit!  Our drama program develops our camper’s confidence and imaginations.  While enjoying interactive theatre games and improvisation, campers acquire acting and technical theatre skills.  Hebrew songs and Israeli dancing combine to create ruach (spirit) and energy at camp.

Jewish Living and Learning

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Through interactive games and activities, campers learn about Jewish values and living, strengthening their connection to Judaism and Israel.  Each day starts with creative (tefillot) prayer experiences, filled with singing, music, and energy.  Lunch is enhanced by blessings and song.   Every Friday afternoon, the entire camp comes together to welcome Shabbat, filled with song, music and magic.  It’s a perfect close to the week.


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Campers select from a wide variety of options during their elective periods. They can further develop skills in their favorite activities or broaden their experiences by trying something new (such as sport, art, woodworking, archery, or performing arts).  Our older campers enjoy a more intense experience in their preferred areas by selecting track options in sports, performing and visual arts, outdoor adventure, woodworking, and more.


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