Job Listings

We are now hiring for 2019 staff positions. Positions include:


  • Art specialist (Omanut)
  • Counselor (Madrich/Madricha)
  • Counselor- Sha’ar (Hebrew Immersion)
  • Dance specialist (Rikkud)
  • Division Head (Rosh Edah)
  • Drama Head  (Rosh Drama)
  • Floater
  • Teacher – Jewish Studies
  • Songleader (Shira)
  • Outdoor Adventure Specialists
  • Program support staff
  • Nature specialist (Teva)
  • Nurse
  • Sports specialist
  • Swim specialist
  • T’fillah Leader
  • Videographer

Job Descriptions

Counselor (Madrich/ah)  Our Counselors have a very important role in camp.  They work directly with the children in order to make sure that they attend all activities, participate with the campers in all aspects of camp when at any specialty area. . They ensure children’s safety, manage children’s behavior and act as a role model and mentor with constructive participation in all daily activities. All counselors must participate in staff training before camp begins. College age students are considered for this position.

Junior Counselor (Madatz/it)  A rising senior in high school, the junior counselor assists the counselor in facilitating the daily routine, participates in all daily activities and provides a safe, fun environment for our campers.  All counselors must participate in staff training before camp begins.

Division Head (Rosh Edah)  The division head is a senior staff member with previous experience in camping and/or Jewish education who is responsible for overseeing the programming and the staff for an entire age group consisting of multiple bunks with a total of 70 – 90 campers. The division head, usually a college graduate, is the direct supervisor of a staff of between four and twelve counselors.

Floaters Floaters come to camp every day and work wherever they are needed that day. This position is very important and mostly filled by staff who cannot work the full season.

Outdoor Adventure Specialist The Outdoor Adventure Specialist work at our  low and high ropes course. Experience working at a ropes course and/or having belaying skills and rock climbing experience are a plus. A four-day training is scheduled for all staff hired for this position during the week prior to camp.

Specialty Head (Rosh Anaf)   The specialty head possesses previous experience in his/her specialty area and is responsible for overseeing the programming and the staff for that specialty area. The specialty staff in any given area can range from just a few to as many as 6 staff members. Specialty heads are needed for performing arts, drama, sports, arts and crafts, and the outdoors program. For details, please refer to the individual specialty areas.

Sport Specialist  Sports Specialist are hired to teach a variety of sports as well as specialize in one or two specific sports.   Having experience as a player as well as teaching experience is a plus.                                                                                                                                              Sports taught include:   baseball •  basketball • field hockey • flag football • GaGa • kickball  • newcomb  • soccer  • softball              • street hockey  • t-ball  • track and field  • ultimate frisbee

Swim Specialist  The swim specialist is a member of the pool staff. He/she must have certification as a lifeguard. All swim specialist guard at the pool and teach swimming lessons. If you are not currently certified as a lifeguard, the camp may be able to assist you in obtaining your certification for the summer. WSI is a plus.

Head of the Swim Program (Rosh Mayim, Rosh BraichaThe head of the swim is responsible for overseeing the entire swim (mayim) program. Responsibilities include supervision of the camp pool (braicha). The head of  swim coordinates all swimming programs and supervises all pool staff. Appropriate certifications and experience are a must.

Arts and Crafts ( Omanut)

Arts and Crafts Specialist  The arts and crafts specialist is part of a larger staff in camp that is managed by a specialty head. All members of the arts and crafts staff should feel comfortable in their area of expertise and be able to assist in other areas of arts and crafts.  As a specialist, you are expected to plan and teach multiple sessions each day. You may also be called upon as a consultant in your area of expertise by other staff members who are planning bunk or  edah  (division) activities.

Education and Prayer 

Teacher (Moreh/Morah)  The Hebrew and Judaic studies teacher educates campers in structured classes according to a well-thought out curriculum as well as takes advantage of the many educational moments that present themselves in an informal setting.

T’fillah Coordinator (Rosh T’fillah) The  t’fillah  (prayer) coordinator oversees the t’fillah  program for the camp. This person works with the  t’fillah  educators and serves as a resource person to other staff members in camp on issues of  t’fillot  and teaching  t’fillot. Included among the responsibilities of the t’fillah  coordinator is making sure that each of the services in camp is run according to the standards of the Conservative movement. 

Performing Arts

Drama Specialist  The drama specialist works with all age groups to develop their understanding of performance art.

Israeli Dance Specialist  Israeli dance is an important part of the culture of Camp Ramah.  Rikkud  is incorporated into Shabbat and daily activities. As a specialist in Israeli Dance, you would teach campers and staff a variety of Israeli dances. It is the responsibility of the Israeli dance specialist to plan and implement all dance sessions.There is also a performing arts show, where each division rehearses and performs a dance for the entire camp.

Song Leader  Shirah (singing) is an important part of the camp culture at Ramah Day Camp. The song leader is a specialist who may work with others on the performing arts staff. The song leader should feel confident and possess the skills necessary to lead the entire camp in song in English and Hebrew. The song leader also teaches several sessions during the day.

Nature (Teva)

Nature (Teva) Specialist  The nature (Teva) specialist will facilitate fun, engaging and enriching educational programs with campers in collaboration with the specialty head. The Nature (Teva) Program is based on learning about nature through immersive experiences such as organic gardening, crafting from materials harvested from the camp garden and environs, animal care, outdoor survival skills, and exploring our natural environment. We also play games and integrate Jewish ecological values through song and stories. Our garden is ¼ acre and is a certified wildlife habitat.


Camp Nurse  Our full time camp nurse tends to all of the campers. The nurse provides nursing care including distribution of all medications. As a health care professional in camp, you work with  the camp director to ensure that everyone in camp receives proper medical attention. Those who cannot make a commitment to the full summer are welcome to apply for shorter periods of time.

Service and Support Staff

Office Staff  The staff member who works in the camp office is vital to the everyday operations of camp. This individual is responsible for answering phones, taking messages, and providing secretarial support to the camp. Good communication skills are important.

Videographer The videographer is responsible for videotaping in camp.  You will videotape bunk activities, edah (division) programs, as well as camp-wide activities. You will create weekly videos to send home and other videos to use during the off-season. 


295 Days Til Camp

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