Yom Yisrael is Coming! Soccer Is Here!

Posted by on July 30, 2013

Soccer camp is going great. Yesterday was dribbling, today was passing. The coach from UKELite is English so he is teaching the chanichim how to get to the semi finals of tournaments and then lose to the Germans in a penalty shoot out (if 3 people understand that joke, that’ll do me). Yom Yisrael is approaching fast and preparations for the 10 stations and the airplane are in their final stages. I cannot reveal what the final look of everything will be but be ready to dance, get wet, buy, work hard, eat, drink and celebrate!!

Trips and overnights to come next week. It never stops!

Will Alonim aleph ever win the Golden Cart? The world wants to know!

Big buzz around camp is that the roles for the end of year show are being posted before the end of the day. There are 27 speaking roles and everyone in Solelim, Arazim and Etgar who auditioned is getting nervous!! In Ramah Day Camp tradition, every chanich (camper) gets on stage during the show at some point!

Another fun thing that’s happening is that the tzevet (staff) are giving each other presents this week as “secret friends”. Lots of candy and chocolate going around!

If anyone finds my sunglasses, let me know!



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