Why Ramah Day Camp

Daily Program

Explore a sample schedule of a day at Ramah Day Camp. From drop-off until pick-up our program is filled with summer fun.

9:00 AM



9:30 AM

זמן צריף

Bunk Time

10:00 AM

שירה / ריקוד

Music / Dance

10:45 AM



11:45 AM



12:45 PM

ארוחת צהריים


1:30 PM



2:15 PM


Jewish Learning

3:00 PM

בישול או טבע

Cooking or Gardening

3:45 PM



Special Programs

Chanichim (campers) in Alonim (current 2nd graders) and up have the opportunity to select choice activities – additional sport, ropes course, outdoor adventure, art, drama, juggling, drumming, running and more…. – that enhance their schedule. Chugim (electives) change every week while Track changes only once a month. These choice activities allow campers to design a schedule that most interesting to them, and to explore new and different activities.

Each Friday afternoon, one edah (age division) will lead the camp in song, dance and blessings for Kabbalat Shabbat. Guests are invited to join us.

Chanichim (campers) are invited to wear their favorite piece of Ramah swag – camp shirts, socks, hats, etc… each Monday to show off their pride for their machaneh (camp)!

Chanichim (campers) will participate in a special curriculum focusing on different mitzvot over the summer. Each edah (division) will study a mitzvah in depth. They will participate in hands-on experiences at camp and on will take a special trip out of camp to perform that mitzvah in our greater Philadelphia community. On Monday, August 6, the entire camp will go to the Jewish Relief Agency together to perform the mitzvah of feeding the hungry.

There are two trip-days a summer for all of our campers. Our youngest campers take day-trips, visiting places like local playgrounds, the Philadelphia Zoo and the Camden Aquarium. Older campers have hiking experiences, go tubing down the Delaware river, a visit to an amusement park and sleepovers at Ramah Day Camp as well as at camp grounds in tents.

Our oldest campers, Etgar (current 6th and 7th graders) take weekly trips out of camp, will take on an Appalachian Trail challenge and explore another city for a two-night three day adventure.

The RDC ZimRikkudiah is a song and dance festival! Each edah (division) will perform a Hebrew song and an Israeli dance celebrating Israel at 75!

Chanichim (campers) are asked to wear blue and white as we celebrate Israel at camp with our biggest program day of the year. They will journey on an ‘airplane’ and visit different locations in Israel. Yom Yisrael is planned by our wonderful shlichim (Israeli staff)!

While we won’t tell you exactly when it is, we will tell you that this multi-day competition of sports, arts, music and more will engage all of our chanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff) in fun-filled activities where they collect points in hopes of a team victory. The camp is divided into teams (cachol – blue and yarok – green) and encouraged to step out of their comfort zones to try new things while rooting on their teammates.

Any given summer also has Yom Kova (hat day), Yom Balagan (crazy day), Yom Pajama (pajama day) and other wacky and fun ways to celebrate being at camp!