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What are shlichim and why do we have them?

Shlichim, literally emissaries, are Israelis who are either near the end of their army service or recently finished. Run by the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), the Summer Shlichim Program helps to strengthen the relationship between Americans and Israel and sends Israelis to work as counselors and specialists in summer camps in over 200 communities. Each shaliach goes through a tremendous amount of screening, interviewing, and training before arriving in their host city.

As part of our effort to bring Israel to life at Ramah Day Camp, we have Shlichim on our staff. Having these Israeli staff at camp helps campers and staff to build a personal connection to Israel and greatly strengthens our Israel education at camp. While these amazing members of our team make Israel more real to our camps, they work in partnership with the rest of our staff and leaders to create a robust and diverse relationship between our camp, community, and Israel.

Why should I host a shaliach?

Hosting a shaliach is an incredibly enriching experience. Often, we hear stories of families housing shlichim and years later they are still in touch, celebrating special occasions together, traveling together, and considering one another to be part of their family. In addition to bringing a little bit of camp and Israel into your home, you will make a new friend (for all members of the family!), and have someone new to see when you visit Israel! These terrific young people are fun, easy-going, smart, and passionate about the connection between camp and Israel. And they’re especially excited to live with you! Hosting sessions are four weeks or a full summer.


There is not a right amount of words that will emphasize how valuable the host family experience has been, and still is, for me. All I knew before arriving to camp is that I am going to be hosted by the Bermans, and that they have two young boys. Now, two summers after hours together, days at the beach, TV or dinner time, many talks and fun things we did together, I truly have a bigger family, and I know it is for a lifetime. It is without doubt that my host family experience was more than I’ve ever expected, and truly one of the best things that happened to me.

— Yael

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