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How are campers grouped?

We have eight divisions (edot), grouped by grade. Each division (edah) is further divided into multiple bunks (tzrifim). The bunks generally have 12-14 campers, with smaller bunks for our youngest campers.

Who will be taking care of my camper?

Each bunk has a minimum of two madrichim (counselors, with our younger divisions also assigned a MIT (madrichim-in-training). Our counselors are typically college students with previous experience working with children. Our junior counselors are rising high school seniors or college freshmen. We strive to have staff with early childhood experience working with our youngest groups of campers. Our senior staff are professional educators who supervise and mentor our counseling staff. Our programs and activities are led by a team of specialists who have training and experience in their respective fields.

What kind of training does our staff receive?

All staff members undergo an intensive week of staff training and development conducted by professional educators, psychologists and Rabbis. All staff members participate in weekly staff development and training throughout the summer. Opportunities for additional training are offered before the summer.

Do you accommodate campers with special needs?

Yes! We have successfully included children with a range of special needs that can be accommodated within our camp program.

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Can my child and I meet the counselors before camp starts?

Yes! We have a “Meet and Greet” before camp begins in which we invite parents and campers to meet their counselors and specialty staff, tour the facility, and learn more details about the summer.

Are scholarships or financial aid available?

Yes, scholarships are available based on financial need. Scholarship funds are available from a variety of sources, including Ramah, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, and your synagogue. The scholarship application forms are available on our website and need to be returned by February 16th.

What do you do on rainy days or days when it is excessively hot?

We never let the weather affect our fun at Ramah Day Camp! Rain or shine, our days are packed with creative and exciting programs. During inclement weather, our camp program continues in our spacious indoor facilities. During days of extreme heat, extra swim periods, fun-filled water play activities, and an adapted camp schedule is in place.

How will I stay informed about activities at camp?
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Parent Handbook and calendar with all summer activities and special events will be available on our website to prepare you for your summer at Ramah. Our weekly newsletter and email announcements keep you informed of all our exciting happenings. Please contact our summer office by email or phone with any questions or concerns.

What if my child is a “finicky eater”, has a food allergy or has dietary needs?

Although we offer a child-friendly menu, we understand that not every child will like every meal offered. Therefore, we offer substitute choices daily for campers. If your child has severe dietary needs or allergies, please notify Rachel Hollander Sirner, our Director, and we will make appropriate accommodations to ensure a safe summer.

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