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As chanichim (campers) mature, do does our camp program! Each kayitz (summer) at RDC is filled with new 'firsts' for our chanichim, and builds on their previous experiences in order to grow.

Below is the overview by edah (division):

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Current 6th & 7th Grade


Etgar is a two-year program that begins to give your child leadership responsibilities at camp. Their weekly schedule is set up differently than the rest of the (age groups). They have two trips out of camp each week: One that is focused on tikkun olam, social action, and one that is just for fun.

Etgar chanichim (campers) have a 2-day, 1-night trip where they will explore the sights and sounds of the city. Previous locations have included Washington D.C. and Harrisburg/Lancaster County. Etgar chanichim serve as Maccabiah junior captains, helping to bring energy, ruach (spirit) and good sportsmanship to their teams. They are partnered with our younger edot (age groups) as “buddies’ and help them during t’fillot (prayers) and on special program days. They assist the tzevet (staff) in planning a component of Yom Yisrael.


Current 8th & 9th Grade


Madrichim (counselors) in Training

While Mem.I.Ts are technically campers, the program is designed to provide hands-on, meaningful experiences and training in order to best prepare them for a position working with children. Mem.I.T.s receive leadership education, and hnds-on experiences with tzrifim (bunks), or with a program area specialist.


Current 10th Grade

Edah Assistant

If a Mem.I.T has completed one summer in the Mem.I.T program and is currently in 10th grade, they can apply to be an Edah Assistant at camp. This position comes with a salary and learning opportunities that will allow your child to prepare to be a madrich/madrichah (counselor) at Ramah.

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